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  • The society failure
  • Prospects of the Russian economy "green" modernization
  • The political economy of sanctions
  • Creative industries in Russia — trends and prospects of development
  • High technology sectors' development in Russia



  • The response of the real sector industries to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis and the role of government anti-crisis measures
  • Regional development in the new circumstances
  • Scientific journals and "academic performance"
  • Economy in the Pandemia epoch



  • Market selection and Russian companies’ effectiveness

  • Private income differentiation and inequality in protected goods consumption

  • Regions: factors of economic development

  • International trade as a factor of changes in the Russian economy



  • Economic journals in the scientific paradigm

  • Estimated Effect of Economic Sanctions and Counter-Sanctions

  • Pension Reform – Pro and Contra to Unpopular Dicision

  • Funding the Humanitarian Sector: Rhetoric and Fact



  • Economics of Football
  • New Industrial Policy for Russia
  • New East Policy and Far East Priority. Regional Problems
  • Russian Labor Market – Problems, Properties, Trends



  • The Shortage of Skilled Labor and Public Private Partnerships in Vocational Education

  • Economic Analysis and Public Policy
  • Where is the Economic Theory Going (Round Table at the Third Russian Economic Congress on December 19, 2016)
  • Rationality and Irrationality in Economic Theory



  • Import Substitution in the Russian Economy
  • Inequality and Economic Growth
  • Ratings and Rankings of Economic Journals
  • Macroeconomic Policy During the Crisis



  • The Political Restrictors of Economic Modernization
  • And Over Again about Pensions
  • Economic Development Strategy and the Future of the Russian Economy
  • Modern Issues of the State Ownership Governance



  • Culture and Institutional Reforms
  • Reforms in Russia: Successes and Failures
  • Industrial Policy for Modern Russia
  • Former USSR Republics: Twenty Years of Transition to Market



  • Current Problems of State Property Management
  • New Regulatory Model for the Russian Financial Sector
  • Poverty and Inequality in Today's Russia: ontinuation of the Discussion
  • New Approaches to the Methodology of Economis Analysis



  • Oil and Gas Sector: Problems of Modernization
  • On Pension System Reform
  • Economics of Culture - New View on Old Problems
  • Ownership, Problems of Corporate Governance and Investment Climate in Russia



  • The Mission of an Economic Journal. The Third Anniversary of the Journal of the New Economic Association
  • Problems of Post-Soviet Space Development
  • Factors and Tendencies of Russia’s Regional Development
  • Demography and Demographic Policy in Russia



  • Education and Science: Problems of Reforming
  • Strategy of Modernization of the Russian Economy
  • Economic Crisis and Social Policy
  • Russian Banking System Under the Crisis



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