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Registrations of Articles

Dear Colleagues!

The Journal of the New Economic Association goes from September 1, 2016 the new system of articles' submission: all papers are accepted only in electronic form.

To register an article the author should:

1. Enter the Personal Cabinet (new users must first register on the website of the New Economic Association - http://www.econorus.org/registration).

2. Always check and, if necessary, to update / supplement the brief information about yourself (name, surname, patronymic, academic degree and title, place of employment, position, contact phone number, postal and e-mail address, using reference "Edit personal data").

3. Return to the Personal account and select from the list of available services on the link "Registration of articles".

4. Fill in all required fields on the registration form, after referring to the detailed "Author Guidelines".

The notice comes after sending the article to the email address of the author. The main stages of the passage of the manuscript can be tracked in the Personal account's section "My articles".

Executive secretary of the Editorial Board - Tatyana Sokolova.
Email: jnea_submission@mail.ru



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