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2012, Issue 4 (16)


Problems of Economic Theory

A.V. Karpov
Corporate Board Elections and Company’s Performance

K. Gluschenko
Myths about Beta-Convergence


Studies of the Russian Economy

V. Salnikov, A. Mogilat, I. Maslov
Stress Testing for Russian Real Sector: First Approach

M.V. Petukhova
Clustering of Borrowers at the Level of Defaults: Rating Approach (Regions of the Siberian Federal District)


Issues of Economic Policy

A. Shastitko
Competition on Aftermarkets: the Subject Matter and Policy Applications

O. Braginskiy
Methodology and Practice of Working out Multyindustry Complex Program (an Example of Petrochemical Complex)


Hot Topic

Round Table: Oil and Gas Sector: Problems of Modernization, October 12, 2012

V.V. Drebentsov
Global Energy Markets Changing – Challenges for Russia

V.A. Kryukov
Russia’s Oil and Gas Sector: Institutional Barriers for Development (Evidence from Eastern Siberia)

S.Ya. Chernyavskiy
Russia’s Gas Market: Reforming Trends

V.V. Bushuev, N.V. Isain
Oil and Russia’s Innovation Economy

L.M. Grigoriev
World and Russia’s Energy: Long- Term Trends Against the Crisis

T.A. Mitrova
Key External Challenges for Russia’s Oil and Gas Sector

A.I. Gromov
New Dynamics of Oil & Gas Complex Development

A.N. Mesherin
Two Disasters of Russia’s Oil Resource Base: Avarice and Inadequate Rules

K.N. Milovidov
Government Control in Oil and Gas Sector: Some Methodical Issues

Contents No. 13–16

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