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The 4th International October Conference on Problems of Theoretical Economics

On October 19-20, 2022, the Journal of the New Economic Association, the Institute of Economics of the RAS, and the National Research University Higher School of Economics with the support of the New Economic Association are holding the 4th October Conference on Problems of Theoretical Economics "Segmentation of Economic Science and the Problems of Synthesis".

Participants of the thematic conferences, that are held annually in October, deal with a wide range of problems related to the theory and methodology of economic science, the history of economic thought and modern theoretical economics.

Format: ofline (Moscow, Moscow School of  Economics, Lomonosov Moscow state university (Leninskie Gory, d. 1, str. 61).

PROGRAM ...  (in Russian)

Issues for discussion:

  • the economics of the digital era;
  • economic knowledge gained through econometric studies;
  • synthesis and institutional reforms;
  • the place of economics in the system of social sciences.


Speakers should submit their applications by May 20, 2022. Those willing to attend the conference are requested to register by August 15, 2022.


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