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The 3nd International October Conference on Problems of Theoretical Economics

The Journal of the New Economic Association, the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, and the National Research University Higher School of Economics with the support of the New Economic Association hosted (online in Zoom) the 3rd October International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Theoretical Economics “Economic Theory and Methodology: Before and After the Marginalist Revolution” (Moscow, October 20—21, 2021).


Program ... (in Russian)

Video ... (20 October)

Video ... (21 October)


Participants of the conference discussed the following topics:

  • Philosophical groundings of marginalism
  • The marginalist revolution in the history of economic thought
  • The marginalist methodology and evolution of economic theory
  • Marginalism and the mainstream
  • The theories of equilibrium and growth: new approaches
  • Development of the public choice theory
  • Marginalism and/or institutionalism
  • What components of the marginalist methodology have become outdated?
  • The new political economy, behavioral economics, evolution of econometric analysis methods


Papers included into the program of the conference, after reviewing by respective editorial boards, may be published in 2022 in The Journal of the New Economic Association, The Issues of Theoretical Economics, The Bulletin of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and other journals.

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