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Human qualities and human behavior in economic theorˇ: Proceedings of the II October International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Theoretical Economics


Human qualities and human behavior in economic theorˇ: Proceedings of the II October International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Theoretical Economics/ Edited by V.S. Avtonomov and A.Ja. Rubinstein. – M.: Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2020. – 124 ­. (Preprint)

This edition presents the materials of the II October International Scientific Conference on Problems of Theoretical Economics entitled "Human qualities and human behavior in economic theory". After an appropriate selection by the editors, this volume includes the abstracts of twenty-four papers, discussing this topic from the standpoints of general economics, economic meth-odology, behavioral economics, history of economic thought, mathematical modeling and sectoral studies on education and health care.

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