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The 1st October International Scientific Conference on Theoretical Economics (Moscow, October 35, 2019)

On October 3-5, 2019, the Journal of the New Economic Association together with the Institute of Economics of the RAS, Moscow School of Economics Lomonosov Moscow State University, NSU Higher School of Economics organized the 1st October International Scientific Conference on Theoretical Economics "Economic Science: Forgotten and Rejected Theories", dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Journal of the New Economic Association. 

Main Program ... (in Russian)

Supplementary Program ... (in Russian)


The reports of this conference confirm that, in contrast to the natural sciences, wheretheories are usually rejected, the falsity of which has been proved by rigorous experiments, the object of the economic science can be studied by using various abstractions, none of which can completely supplant the others. In economic science, where rigorous experiments do not exist, "rejected" theories do not mean "refuted", and, in different historical eras, they can play their roles.

Proceedings of the Conference ... (in Russian)



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