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About the article by V.B. Supyan

The Editors of the Journal of The New Economic Association inform about the fact of autoplagiarism in the article by V.B. Supyan "R&D in the USA: Funding, Structure and Results" published in the Journal of The New Economic Association (No. 1 (41) 2019, pp. 201–207). The conclusion of a special experts’ commission and the letter from professor V.B. Supyan to the Editors can be found on the JNEA website: http://journal.econorus.org/jread.phtml?id=388#letter

We consider it unacceptable to submit articles to the Journal of the New Economic Association containing borrowed texts without proper references. The editors are forced to tighten control over compliance with the principles of academic ethics.


V. M. Polterovich

A. Ya. Rubinstein

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