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The Journal of the New Economic Association is indexed
in Web of Science and Scopus

  • The Journal of the New Economic Association  publishes both theoretical and empirical articles, devoted to all aspects of economic science, which are of interest for wide range of specialists. It welcomes high-quality interdisciplinary projects and economic studies employing methodologies from other sciences such as physics, psychology, political science, etc. Special attention is paid to analyses of processes occurring in the Russian economy.
  • Decisions about publishing of articles are based on a double-blind review process. Exceptions are short notes in the section "Hot Topic", which is usually formed by special invitations and after considerations of the Editorial Board.
  • The only criterion to publish is the quality of the work (original approach, significance and substance of findings, clear presentation style). No decision to publish or reject an article will be influenced by the author belonging to whatever public movement or putting forward ideas advocated by whatever political movement.
  • The Journal comes out four times a year, each issue consisting of 12 to 15 press sheets. Now it is published only in Russian. The English version of the Journal will be distributed electronically.
  • The Journal is indexed in Web of Science, Scopus, RePEc, EconLit, Russian Index of Scientific Citation.

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